Friday, January 3, 2014

My Time in Paris and Provence

I was blessed to spend an unforgettable month in Paris and 3 days in Provence.
The sights of old historic architecture, the smells of baguettes, croissants and beautiful pastries from the patisseries and boulangerie's that are on almost every corner, the sound of women's hi-heels click clacking as they walked down the streets, sitting on a bench in a park close by my flat, watching children play as I wrote in my journal, listening to the Parisians as they converse in French, a language that sounds like music.Walking everywhere, taking the metro all around this amazing City of Lights,going to the ballet at the Paris Opera House, then 3 Days in Provence,the Mediterranean was breathtaking. 

I hope you enjoy my pictures and memories of my time in Paris and Provence. 

My little Parisian kitchen 
Espresso & a exquiste pastry I had at Laduree one afternoon...

Bride in front of Notre Dame

                                                                  Parisian pastries

My flat

Paris Opera House

Gordes Village in Provence, the most beautiful village in France

Entrance to B&B  I stayed at in Provence

A church in Luberon 

Cucuron a Village in Provence


An Autumn Cake I made while at the Le Cordon Bleu

Chateau in Versailles

Montmarte Arrondissement 

C'est tout!

Paris temp 45