Sunday, May 17, 2020

I Wonder What The Day Will Bring

Let's  try waking up smiling and say "I wonder what the day will bring".....

think of all the possibilities out there in life.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

When Life Pauses

Even in the midst of this uncertain time of Pause ....

I need to challenge myself to still create, laugh more, learn something new. Go for walks, and really see the beauty that has surrounded me.

 When I stop and pay attention to the birds, I realize they're not worried about food, or stressed about toilet paper. They're still singing!

God is teaching me a lot from these tiny little wonders.
I need to be more like them.

The beach is my very favorite place in the whole world. I was raised by the beach so, I love sitting on the sand watching, listening to the
waves crash. They remind me of how powerful our God is.

A picture I took last summer while walking

Manhattan Beach, California

Nice, France

Thank you for letting me share my heart today.

a bientot


Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Beauty of Spring

I just wanted to share a picture I took recently.
While at the market buying groceries last week, these caught my eye, I knew I had to buy them. They bring a sign of hope that spring is coming. They make me happy.....
 I hope this brightens your day.


Sunday, March 15, 2020

My time in Provence

My time in Provence last fall was more than I had hoped for...
I had the privilege of staying in the home of a dear family living there. Their names are Francisca and Jean-Pierre. 
They not only opened up their home and the way they live, But they made me feel like part of their family,
 and fed me like a king.

Being able to experience what its like to live there was a "Dream Come True,".... a memory I will cherish forever.

 After a long train ride, they picked me up at the train station, and brought me to their enchanting home in the country side of Provence. Their home is and old farmhouse they had restored.
 After I got settled 
 we sat down outside on their patio to eat one of the most wonderful, unexpected, best meals of my life...

 First they brought out a vegetable lasagna which  Francisca had prepared using fresh vegetables from their garden along with a whole grain bread that Jean-Pierre had made. So when we finished the lasagna, she brought out the salad, after that, a cheese platter with all kinds of delicious cheeses from their region, and a basket filled with fresh figs, quinces and pears all from their fruit trees. And of course a carafe of wine.
 To finish 
off that amazing meal, Francisca served the best Mousse au chocolat I have ever had.
j'adore mousse au chocolat…..

All our meals except breakfast were eaten outside, which I loved. We walked along the Rhone in the morning seeing a flock of white swans. They would walk their dogs along it every morning.
Their fruit trees, their  garden, the blue shutters that they would close at night, the smell of them cooking outside in the evening, the wine....their simple but pure living is what this world needs more of...
Even though my French wasn't very good and Francisca's English wasn't good, there was no language barrier between two mother's hearts.

I was truly blessed to experience it. And I pray you can too.
Don't ever stop believing.

                           the table we ate our evening meals

roof tops of homes in Provence
                                     Chateauneuf de Pape 

Squash soup Francisca made
                                      L'lsle Sur la Sorgue


                                         their driveway 

a view from Chateauneuf de Pape